Developed by Arup’s acoustic consultants

SNAPshot allows construction site personnel such as site engineers and environment managers to quickly carry out noise modelling
and assessment against project specific criteria to inform decision making,
and fast-track out-of-hours and night-time works approvals.

Empowering contractors

Empowering construction contractors

SNAPshot bridges the gap between the acoustic consultant’s site noise assessment, and what’s really happening on site by enabling site engineers and environmental coordinators to take control of noise assessments for themselves.

Dynamic and real-time prediction modelling

Quickly undertake ‘what-if scenarios’ of various equipment combinations, locations and work hours with easy visual identification of compliance or management requirements.

Instant reporting

Instantaneous reporting

SNAPshot is customised to produce instant reports for the selected work scenarios, suitable for submissions to approval authorities.



  • Customised assessment in accordance with project specific requirements
  • Visual indication of compliance or management requirements
  • See noise contributions for each equipment at every receiver
  • Vary quantity and operating time of each equipment
  • Vary criteria and management requirements by receiver type and time period
  • Set criteria from fixed noise levels or relative to background noise levels
  • Prediction to accepted standards
  • Internal or external receiver assessment
  • Apply any required noise weighting - dB(A), dB, dB(C) etc.

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